Tips For Pokemon Ruby | Wartortle

Wartortle is a bit of a Pokemon teenager. It is stuck in this phase a little awkward, with lots of promise for the future, but nothing really looks right at the moment. Fortunately, Wartortle stats are pretty good, especially compared with Ivysaur and Charmeleon. Water Gun remains its best start to move, but you could also consider teaching surfing and some non-water moves as Blizzard Dig and give it a wider range.

As with Squirtle, Wartortle use against fire, soil and Rock opponents for the best effect. If you happen to go against an electric or Grass type (and you do not have a Pokemon to move to the left), use to escape the search of the first attack and cause harm. Like all types of water, it can not last long in a battle against the Thunder or Grass Pokemon, so when you are attacked a Wartortle Thunder use Electric or any other attacks to hit out at once.