Tips For Pokemon Ruby | Charizard

All three starting Pokémon Blue-Red have two developments, but Charizard is a bit special compared to others. For one, it actually learns his technique before the pre-evolution Charmeleon learns. But the most important thing is not a simple fire. Once Charizard Charmeleon evolves, it becomes a double flight-fire type. Although it makes it even more versatile, it also opens Charizard to a new list of weaknesses. Note that Charizard can learn HM 02 - Fly in Pokemon Yellow (and Stadium), but not in blue -red. Since this is the only control technology, it is best to make sure she learns it.

Charizard Bug is a killer, so be sure to use against the Scythians, Parasect and co. When fighting against a Charizard, remember that the type of its dual nature, it is sensitive to a number of techniques, including electrical, ice, water, soil and Rock. The best way is to attack the standard electric, water and soil, as the techniques of Thunder Surf or hitting, he quickly (attention to soil the technique you use, though. Dig does not work against the Flying Pokemon). A good high-level technical Charizard users who are also high against the opponents is to use fire in cooperation with potentially change the status of technology as toxic or Flamethrower. You know the year: First, poison or burn your opponent, and then continues the use Fire Spin to drain the HP of the enemy Pokemon. You can also use Fly to drag the duration of the battle and cause more damage caused by poison or Burn.