Tips For Pokemon Ruby | Ivysaur

All about Bulbasaur also applies to Ivysaur - that can only get much higher than the statistics of the unevolved predecessor. It is a dual type of grass / poison Pokemon, and therefore can be very strong against water, dirt and rock Pokemon, but it has many shortcomings that it is not a good choice when the fight competent human players. If you are planning to move its Bulbasaur a Ivysaur remember going to learn some of their best moves, such as dust and Solar beam sleep much later than in its unevolved state - to wait until the last possible moment evolution. Some good techniques that can teach your Ivysaur are toxic, rest and Mega Drain.

The fact that this is a dual rate Ivysaur left open to all kinds of attacks. When a battle Ivysaur remember that fire, ice, Flying, Bug, and psychological make every Pokemon exceptionally well against Ivysaur and its evolution, Venusaur. While the damage caused by moves like psychic is not as high as when using it against a kind of pure poison, usually does the trick and beat Ivysaur in a coup. The same is true with fire, ice and flying techniques. Just do not use water, electric, grass or against Fighting Pokemon and you can not lose.