Tips For Pokemon Ruby | Bulbasaur

As one of the three starter Pokemon blue-red, Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon many players will never use. If it could be argued that Squirtle is much better from the outset, Bulbasaur also has its advantages. It is a dual-type Grass / Poison Pokemon and can therefore be very strong against Water, Soil and Rock Pokemon - the more it defends well against the types of grass. Unfortunately, many advantages are Bulbasaur has eroded further weaknesses.w hich leads to this type, you must use in the fight against Bulbasaur.

The fact that this is a double standard Bulbasaur leaves open to all types of attacks. Fire, ice, theft, Bug, and conduct all Psychic Pokemon exceptionally well against Bulbasaur and its evolutions. While the damage inflicted by the blows as Psychic is not as high as when using pure poison against a type, it usually does the case and to strike Bulbasaur in one fell swoop. The same goes for the fire, ice and piloting technique. Just do not use water, electric, or Grass fight against Pokemon against it, and you can not lose.